Do Powerbanks Damage Phone Batteries? - Yes,See how

Posted by wapcaliphate on 08:51 PM, 07-Jun-16

Power banks will definitely have a long term damaging effect on your phone's batteries, though the damages can be negligible.

A case study is this, a friend bought Infinix Hot Note exactly by March last year while I bought mine June last year, although I am a 3 times more voracious user of my device than him, which is also a big factor to consider. Aside that,

Now, he never used Power Banks on his, while I bought mine together with a power bank and from day 1, I have always used power banks on my device whenever I am not charging through direct power supply.

And here are the outcome; My friend phone's battery is still solid presently and have not really shown any serious sign of weakness but mine on the other hand started giving me sleepless night just at the beginning of this month that made it exactly 1 year I purchased it.

My battery has become so weak that I will now have to watch the battery drain to empty in just 2hours of usage after a full charge.

In fact I have just placed order for a new replacement battery for my device before it gives me HBP. The damaging effect of power banks is mostly as result of this: you know power banks are made of cells,

and long time usage of the power banks will definitely make the cells to grow weaker and the steady state voltage supply and current coming out from the power bank to the phone while charging the phone with power banks will be weak on its part and will not be perfectly suitable for your phones battery, even if it charges your phone to full battery percentage, it is still weak voltage.

Have you ever wondered why your phone battery last longer after charging it with direct power supply but drains faster on usage immediately after you finish charging it with power banks?

As time goes on this weak voltage from the power bank also weakens your phone battery and cut short it's life span.

But this is Naija, how man go do na, if you don't augment your phone charging with power banks, your phone might likely keep you offline most of the times

Android app That Can save Your data upto 10times

Posted by wapcaliphate on 08:38 PM, 07-Jun-16

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See The Android Application That Can Heavily Save Your Data For You

Posted by wapcaliphate on 08:36 PM, 07-Jun-16

i have been using it for upto 1 month now Android application that can heavily save data your data for you the name is operamax download it from Google playstore and thank me latter

H ow To Use Three Whatsapp On one Android Phone

Posted by wapcaliphate on 05:02 PM, 06-Jun-16

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G et 90mb & #262 Airtime For just # 100 In Airtel.

Posted by wapcaliphate on 01:06 AM, 25-May-16

W ithout wasting much of ur time just load a card of 100NGN with the pin : *555*digit# then send it. you will b gvn free 50mb + additional 262 airtime Note:your 100 naira rechage card will stl b there. N ow on how to acquire the rest of the 40mb Just fail *141#, 1 then 2 then 3 for... [Read More]

M tn has now released this new data plan which is N20 for 20MB and 2minutes call

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F acebook For free browsing for Life Supported by Airtel Network

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Migrate to smartPREMIER and make calls to ALL NETWORKS at 11 k / sec

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Migrate to smartPREMIER and make calls to ALL NETWORKS at 11k/sec. Dial *318# to migrate to smartPREMIER now a irtel users

Hello World!

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